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LANsgiving 2021! (Update: Schedule Posted)

LANsgiving is back!

Is this a lazy cross post from our Facebook page? Yes. Is it still very exciting? Definitely.

Join us as we try to raise $10,000 for Children’s Hospital Colorado through Extra Life.

Like in July, this will be at TRC/JulieNoted’s place, and vaccines are required to attend in person. If for some reason you cannot get the vaccine, please join us remotely!

We’ll have all the usual stuff: Rocket League and Smash Tournaments, Jackbox, Ivorin behind the bar (I hope), and perhaps a Stellaris game that just barely gets started by day 3! Or Battlefield 2042 will be released by then and I’ll be lost to the world. Carry on without me.

Members only RSVP is 10/17-10/23. We’ll open up any unclaimed sports for sale after that.

Feel free to invite your friends. As always, the event is free to paid members, $30 for a non-member PC spot, and $10 to hang out and eat our food (and play in the smash tourny).


Here's our schedule!


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