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Annual Memberships enable OHM Gaming to better plan LAN events and buy equipment instead of renting. A membership guarantees you a spot (with RSVP) at all OHM Gaming hosted LAN events in that calendar year (typically 3 - 4). We only sell 20 of these a year, so get yours today!

Single Event Ticket ($30)

Single Event Tickets will be opened for all OHM Gaming LAN events after Members have had a chance to RSVP. This gets you a LAN event seat, access to LAN prizes, LAN snacks, and discounted BAWLS! If you think you might come to more than one LAN in a year, consider a membership instead.

LANsgiving 2023

Order Jerseys at our shop over on

Order Jackets at our shop over on

Use coupon code OHMGAMING10 to get 10% off!


Download image* below and customize at 


36"x18" **

** Request Custom on our discord channel @TRC


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