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About Us

ΩHM Gaming started in the dorm rooms of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2009. Founded by a group of Computer and Electrical Engineers, the group started as an alternative to frat culture with the tagline “We Are Resistance”. In the following decade, it’s grown into a national (and international) group of gamers and programmers tied together by a shared love of gaming, eSports, and technology. Our identity is tied to the following tenets:


Keep the house LAN tradition alive

The vast majority of our membership is comprised of professionals in fields other than eSports, but we all share a common inspiration: our first LAN. From building our first PCs, to competing in our first offline tournament, we all discovered or reinforced our fascination for technology at LAN parties. Today, it’s easier than ever to custom order a PC and hermit away at home playing games online. While this can be fun in its own way, we believe that LAN parties can be a critical element in inspiring would-be-professionals and in creating lifelong friendships/mentorships.


Support our communities

The gaming community at large has developed incredible ways to fuse our passion with charity. ΩHM Gaming’s membership has itself raised thousands of dollars for national Children’s Hospitals through Extra Life, and we routinely participate, as individuals and with competitive teams, in Intel’s charity LANFest events. Our members find their own ways to support in their communities through volunteering on a regular basis.


Inspire and develop the next generation

We hope to inspire the next generation of technical professionals with our events, as well as provide an opportunity for our most talented and dedicated members to compete at a high level. Our semi-pro teams compete at events like Dreamhack and LANFest, as well as online tournaments. Our streamers are expected to educate within their game, but also provide a safe and respectful environment for their viewers through moderation. With the rampant toxicity in many gaming communities, we hope to be an example of respectful competitive behavior. Our team members are expected to be ambassadors for the ΩHM Gaming brand, our sponsors, and their respective eSport.

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