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2019 Extra Life LAN Recap

Another year, another successful Extra Life charity campaign. Kosmonaut, TRC, and Grummor were at it again for OHM Gaming, raising nearly $2k between Extra Life Gameday and the annual OHM Gaming Extra Life charity LAN.

The Thanksgiving LAN was the largest OHM Gaming event to date, overselling the advertised 25 spots with 26 PC attendees, and another handful non-PC participants competing in the Smash Brothers Ultimate tournament.

Congratulations to USDAPrimeRib for his win in the obligatory Starcraft 2 FFA. He went home (and subsequently, to work) with a fresh OHM Gaming mousepad.

Eburt was able to unseat Maverick, Smash Bros King, but not before Miranda avenged his February tournament loss to the same. Ultimately, Maverick was able to fight his way through the loser’s bracket and into the Grand Finals where he was defeated by the Traveler from Texas.

Odin and Alex proved to be too much to handle for Gorganzales and Bajamba in the Rocket League 2’s Tournament. Odin, the heavy favorite in every RL match to date, claims his second OHM Gaming Rocket League title. Summer champions TRC and Bajamba split for separate teams, creating excellent parity between the top three rosters, but indicating some trouble in Rocket League paradise?

MikkiMeesh was back on stream, raising an incredible $4k for Extra Life. Unfortunately of the OHM team, she’d already been claimed by another team earlier in the year. Still, great work Meesh! We’ll get you back next year.

Thanks to everyone who came out. We can’t wait to get back at it next year! Stay tuned for the 2020 LAN schedule, membership information, and new gear in the shop!

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