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2019 Memberships Now Available!

OHM Gaming 2019 Memberships are now available in the shop! We're trying this out as a way to improve our LAN planning and LAN experience. For $50, you get a seat at EVERY LAN event we host in 2019. These memberships will let us buy equipment (tables, chairs, networking gear etc.) to own instead of renting. Ultimately, this will make our LANs less expensive, and also allow us to run them longer; Instead of Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon, we can run Thursday night through Sunday night.

Each LAN in 2019 will cost $30 per person without a membership, so If you think you'll attend more than one LAN in 2019, then this is a must buy. We will only sell 20 of these so that everyone with a membership is guaranteed a spot. Members will have a 2 week advance notice to RSVP to the LAN before we open up spots to non-members.

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