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Extra Life 2018 LAN Recap

Aurora, CO - I've said it before, but I have to say it again: This is an amazing team. Last year we were able to raise over $1000 to help Children's Hospital Colorado, so we thought we would up the anti this year with a $1250 goal. How did the team respond?

MikkiMeesh and her merry band of Meeps stole the show, raising $2615 by streaming the majority of the three day LAN event. Do we have to mention how incredible that is? That's incredible. Way to go Meesh and crew! Special thanks to SpartanMTD, N7omad_, and kg6sxy, who all donated ridiculous amounts. You guys are great, and the team is in your debt. Hop into our Discord channel and message TRC if you want a thank you gift from our team store!

TRC and Grummor pitched in with their own streams, raising $439 and $210, respectively. Way to go boys!

With four days remaining, the team total sits at $3265, completely blowing away our goal, not including Kosmonaut, who also completed his 24 hour stream event with $625 in donations (we're getting you on the team next year bud!).

We thank, and love, everyone who donated to this great cause!

Finally, thank you to everyone who attended the event in person. It was a blast, as always, and congrats to USDAPrimeRib for winning our Charity SC2 Free For All. He won $30, or the cost of admission, and what did he do? Immediately donated that sum to Extra Life, because that guy is Goddamn CHAMPION.

Happy New Year everyone, and stay tuned for exciting news about 2019 LANs and memberships in the first week of the new year.

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