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[OHM] Gaming Takes Third in CS:GO, PUBG, Fourth in Rocket League at LANFest 2018

OHM Gaming CS:GO at LANFest 2018. Grummer, Renegade, Ivorin, onyr, and shrhrw

Castle Rock, CO - The OHM Gaming tournament teams performed admirably at this year's Colorado LANFest, taking podium spots in both Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, as well as PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds. The team also finished fourth out of seventeen teams in Rocket League.

OHM Gaming was represented by twelve members, nine of whom competed in tournaments throughout the weekend. In action on Friday, TRC and JackintheBox were joined by Twitch personality MikkiMeesh to compete in the 3v3 Rocket League tournament. Their 3-2 record in the swiss rounds earned them the #6 seed in an 8 team playoff, widdling down the field from 17. There, they would vanquish local rivals Danger Zone, who previously eliminated the team from competition at Dreamhack Denver. That would prove to be the team's final victory of the tournament, however, falling to runners-up Freelance Snipers in the semi-finals, and team Epic in the 3rd place match.

OHM Gaming was also represented by Ebinkar, Bajamba, and shrhrw in the tournament, who earned themselves a win over YML and were awarded a bye-win. Their 2-3 record placed them 10th, just outside of playoff consideration.

The CS:GO team was comprised of OHM Gaming veterans Ivorin and shrhrw, as well as DreamHack Denver recruits Grummor and Renegade. Free agent onyr rounded out the roster as a late pick-up, and proved to be invaluable in the final rounds.

The competition was disparate, ranging from new players to professional teams, and the swiss-style tournament revealed that fact. OHM Gaming beat Stephen's Angels in a 16-4 round 1 decision, which would prove to be one of the closest matches of the day. Round 2 pitted the boys against professionals Hooked eSports, and resulted with a predictable, and humbling, 16-0 loss. Undeterred, however, the team rebounded with back-to-back 16-0 wins of their own over YML and 719 Allstars, finishing the swiss rounds with a 3-1 record, good enough to tie for third place with team Mr. Pink, which was broken with a 2-1 rock-paper-scissors win by Grummor.

The second seeded team, 3OG3, sent OHM to the 3rd place match with a 16-4 defeat to face team Mr. Pink for a true third place decision. After some controversy, in which Mr. Pink was forfeit by the tournament admins for not showing up to the match, the OHM Gaming crew was able to alert Mr. Pink of the situation and reverse the forfeit decision so that the match could be played.

"We would rather play the match," said shrhrw. "This is what we were hoping for... we would rather play for it for real."

After overcoming two early deficits, OHM Gaming was eventually able to pull away and ultimately win the match 16-9.

After the tournament, Grummor shared his feelings on the team Discord: "Great work Shrhrw, Ivorin, Renegade, and Onyr! We can only go up from [here]!"

In action on Sunday, Grummor and Renegade. were able to carry two other LANFest attendees to a 3rd place finished out of 17 teams in PUBG squads.

The team was joined by JulieNoted, USDAPrimeRib, and DrHoppimbiber. LANFest, which is sponsored by Intel, is held every year at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Castle Rock, Colorado. All profits from the event are donated to an Intel selected charity.

See more pictures from the event in the gallery below!

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