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Updated: OHM CS:GO - Players Found!

Update (5-22-2018): Thank you to everyone that expressed interest in joining the team on Steam, Discord, and ESEA. OHM Gaming is happy to have filled our spots for LANFest Colorado, and has selected players to compete in the current ESEA season. Future player applications will be announced here, and on our Twitter page.

Previously: OHM Gaming is looking for CS:GO Players to join us for LANFest Colorado (May 18), and longer term to compete in local/online tournaments! A message from Ivorin, our Captain:

OHM Gaming CS:GO is excited to announce our participation at LANFest Colorado, powered by Intel! We are looking for 1 or 2 CS:GO players from the greater Denver, Colorado area to help represent the team in Castle Rock, Colorado, May 18-20.

As you may know, OHM is all about keeping the house LAN party tradition alive, and LANFest is one of the great events that we feel really close to. LANFest Colorado is run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who have been putting on this yearly event since 2007. This year, the CS:GO tournament will run along side competitions in Overwatch, Rocket League, Rainbow six, and more!

OHM CS:GO needs new members who we will be proud to put forth as 5 man team to represent. Our current team:

Grummor - IGL/Rifler/Sniper

Renegade - Rifler/Lurker

Ivorin - TC/Rifler/Entry

Shrhrw - Rifler

We are a friendly, mature team based in Denver, CO. Skill ranges from MM MG1 to LEM. ESEA C to B. We are currently pushing MM, learning to improve skill, learning to work as a unique team, and having fun. Hopefully with the new additional members, we can push MM with speed, have fun, and return to ESEA and/or CEVO. The type of playerr we're looking for someone who will not just throw on the OHM tag on for the tournament, but also join our community of gamers, be able to focus on the game when necessary, and have fun!

Play times: 2-3 times a week, after 6pm MDT

LANFest Date: May 18th

Interested parties, please send your Steam ID, Rank, and just a couple of sentences about your CS:GO experience to: Ivorin on Steam (Sgt. E. Ivorin),, or join us in our Discord Channel!

Thank you,


OHM CSGO Team Captain

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