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Extra Life Donation Update & LAN Recap

Extra Life Fundraiser Update

This is an awesome team. Thanks to you, we were able to raise over $1,000 during our Thanksgiving Extra Life LAN to benefit Children's Hospital Colorado. Amazing! That means we beat our goal for this year, but we'll be upping the anti next year for sure. Also, the donation page will be live until December 31st, so if you haven't donated already, you can still do it by clicking the picture above!

I want to personally thank everyone who donated as of today:

Michael Cannon


Jack Bruer

Rob Chase




Joni Jablansky**

Ben Hanson

Sophie Jablansky*

Chris Simpson

Stephen Smith

Grummor (Bryndon)

Renegade (Brysson)


Nathaniel Thomas

Coco the Dragon


Jeffrey Kayzerman

Tom and Christi Schneider

Abby Coplin

Julie and Yvonne!

* Raffle Winner

** TOP DONATOR!!! Thank you so much!

LAN Recap

Our Thanksgiving LAN was incredible (thanks to JackInTheBox and DrHoppimbiber for hosting!). We had a 15 PC LAN setup, along with Rock Band, VR games, and some intense You Don't Know Jack trivia rounds. Somehow TRC and JackInTheBox we were able to cast every single one of our SC2 tournament games on the new twitch channel. You can check them all out here!

Thanks to 4D4D and MikkiMeesh for picking up some of the stream time!

Congrats to TRC and odin, our 2017 SC2 Tournament finalists. It was a heck of a series in the end, going the full distance with some great TvP games. Better luck next time Zergies! It was an incredible tournament with some new faces, and some new SC2 fans in the making.

If you have any pictures of the LAN, please share them on our facebook page. I didn't get nearly enough photos!

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