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OHM Gaming at Dreamhack Denver

OHM Gaming sent teams to Dreamhack Denver's BYOC tournaments this past weekend, competing in Counterstrike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, and Starcraft 2.

The team was represented in CS:GO by Ransom, vertigo, and Ivorin, and late additions Grummor and Renegade. A late start to the first round to the tune of eight hours, rust, and inexperience playing together prevented the team from advancing past the second round where they were bested by a fresh University of Colorado team, eventual 3rd place finishers.

OHM Gaming's 4d4d and 3dfx were not available for Rocket League, so the team consisted of TRC, from in-house team Illegal Engine, and their main OGRLLfFC rivals, Bajamba and Ebinkar from Team Red Panda. They were pushed out of the tournament early as well, losing to Colorado's own Hooked Esports.

TRC was able to advance to the third round (ro12) in Starcraft 2, however, after a bye in the first and besting Vapor64 in the second. He would eventually be eliminated by BurSt.

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