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Red Panda: So Hot Right Now

Week 4 Recap


Let’s get some things out of the way. Namely, scores and and what happened in the games this week. I want to be brief, and then get into some stats.

Team Messibishi (3-1) > Hobo Annihilators (1-3)

Hobo Annihilators kept in close it Game 1, coming up one goal short in a 3-2 loss. Messibishi, led by Signal, made the proper adjustments in Game 2 for a convincing 5-1 win. Messibishi now moves into a three-way with Illegal Engine and Is That a Rocket In Your Pocket? for third. (I said that right. You heard me). Hobo Annihilators is in good company with OPA Belters searching for that first non-forfeited win.

20k Rockets Under the League (3-2) > Is That a Rocket In Your Pocket? (3-2)

With arguably the first upset of the season, New Jersey’s 20k Rockets took down South Carolina’s Is that a Rocket In Your Pocket. Two close games, and two wins by 20k Rockets (3-0, 3-1) shows just how much this team has improved in only 1 month. They’re now alone in second place, while Pockets are cozy with Engine and Messibishi in third. How could this have happened? More on that below.

Illegal Engine (3-1) - BYE Week

Illegal Engine slept in this week, and slept soundly. No longer was one eye propped open, as their local rivals (OPA Belters) were resoundingly defeated in week 3. They’ll try to stop a surging Team Messibishi in Week 5.

Team Red Panda (5-0) > OPA Belters (1-3)

Red Panda continued to dominate the OGRLLfFC for the fifth straight week. No surprises there. What was notable was the tightness of Game 1. A scoreless first minute and a half was broken by Burritoman Bajamba, only to be answered by Jackinthebox a minute later. Ieatcow scored an own goal at 2:13, giving Red Panda the advantage, but the game would remain close well into the final minute of play, thanks in large part to 4 saves by JackintheBox.

And then they lost 7-0 in Game 2. OK.

Jackinthebox was reminded after the game that there was plenty of time to improve, and every team makes playoffs. He responded, as usual, with Jack’s Mothafuggin SPORTS!™ Reference of the week


Here was some league averages to chew on:

Total Goals For: 20.23

Total Goals Against: 20.23 (duh)

Team Goals Per Game: 2.84

Now let’s talk about how hot Red Panda is right now.

Goals For: 37 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Goals Against: 10 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Goals Per Game: 4.62 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Number of Matches Won: 5 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Number of Matches Lost: 0 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Number of Games Won: 8 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Number of Games Lost: 0 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

Number Alberto’s Burritos Consumed: 73 (1st in OGRLLfFC)

You get the idea. These guys are killing it going into their Week 5 BYE, and it isn’t even close. Who can stop them? Well, sitting in third place is Team Messibishi and Illegal Engine, who they’ll play in Weeks 6 and 7, respectively. They’re at the top, but Red Panda has arguably the toughest schedule down the stretch.

Some other league stats:

Average # Hours in Rocket League per player: 70 (well that sure seems like a lot, how could that be….?)

Most # of hours in Rocket League: 397 - Klsnkv (20k Rockets). Holy crap! That’s over 16 full days!

League Average without Klsnkv: 43

Only 1 team has won a game in a match they ultimately lost. That was 20k Rockets in the first match of the season against Illegal Engine. EVERY other match has been a 2-games-to-0 decision.

Only 1 team has broken the transitive property (A>B, B>C, so A > C) and won a match against a team that beat a team that beat them. (Do you follow?). That’s 20k Rockets again. They beat Is That a Rocket In Your Pocket? this week. Pocket beat Illegal Engine, and Engine beat 20k Rockets.

OK, I’ll stop after just one more...

Fun Fact!: Hobo Annihilators have 47 COMBINED hours played, and OPA Belters combine for 43 on the nose. That means the average filthy casual player has played about as much as the entirety of one of our last place teams.

Here’s a look at the standings after week 4.

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