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Pockets, Pandas Set for Week 3 Undefeated Matchup; Messibishi Rising

Week 2 Recap


20,000 Rockets Under the League (1-2) vs. Team Red Panda (3-0)

California’s Team Red Panda remained undefeated after taking their week 2 matchup against New Jersey’s 20k Rockets Under the League.

“There was no way [20k Rockets] was going to beat us tonight,” claimed the ever confident Ebinkar in the post game interview. When asked about their undefeated 3-0 record he added “3-0?! We’re so good we won a round and we didn’t even know!”

Red Panda looked solid in both games, but it was 20k Rockets that struck first in Game 1 when KingKayzer converted a beautiful centering pass from Klsnkv. Panda’s Bajamba responded with two consecutive goals before KingKayzer balanced the match at two goals a piece. From there the match seemed even for several minutes, but late game breakdowns in 20k’s defense allowed Bajamba and Ebinkar to score consecutive goals and nab the 4-2 victory.

Klsnkv opened the scoring for 20k Rockets in Game 2 but was answered quickly by Ebinkar, and then again by Bajamba. A second Klsnkv tally briefly evened the score, but frequent missed clears and empty net opportunities allowed Bajamba to score a second time for a 3-2 Panda win.

Bajamba, despite his dominance, couldn’t be bothered for an unkind word. “Kayzer played some solid defense,” he said through mouthfuls of his Alberto’s breakfast burrito.

KingKayzer clearly wanted this game back. “No more fun and games” he said, “Rocket League has to be a bigger priority in my life...we’ll be back with a vengeance.”

Red Panda will try to retain their top spot when they play undefeated Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket? in Week 3, while 20k Rocket’s will take on Maryland’s Hobo Annihilators.

Team Red Panda > 20,000 Rockets Under the League


Team Messibishi (2-1) vs. OPA Belters (1-1)

OPA Belters got their first taste of the OGRLLfFC in Week 2 when they were graciously welcomed by New York’s Team Messibishi and a 2-0 defeat.

“We’ve got some work to do,” admitted Belter’s JackInTheBox. “That’s the way it goes...they were a good team.”

Ieatcow opened the scoring for the Belter’s in Game 1, but it was all Messibishi after that. Two goals from Senor Plissken (Ronaldo Royce), and three from Signal proved too much to handle for the newbie Belters, falling 5-1 in the opening frame.

Game 2 was no kinder to the Belters; Signal opened the scoring for Messibishi with four unanswered goals before ieatcow got the Belters on the board. The pair traded goals late in the game, yielding a slightly better result for the Belters with a 5-2 loss.

Signal seemed pleased to earn Messibishi’s first non-forfeited win. “I’m smilin’ ‘p hard yo,” he said (whatever that means). “It certainly wasn’t a runaway like some games, but it just kinda clicks and then you’re making aerials.”

“It was a learning experience” said Belter’s ieatcow. “We’ll regroup and come back as a force to be reckoned with.”

Messibishi will be killing brain cells on a Harry Potter themed booze cruise in Week 3. OPA Belters take on Illegal Engine in the Battle for Colorado.

Team Messibishi > OPA Belters


Illegal Engine (2-1) vs. Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket? (3-0)

South Carolina’s Is that a Rocket in Your Pocket? dispatched Colorado’s Illegal Engine in easy straight sets in Week 2, setting themselves up for a Week 3 battle of titans against California’s Red Panda.

“I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even drive!” a jovial (and ruthless) DrHoppimbimber said of their 5-2 Game 1 victory. Meanwhile, a hysterical Strawberry “Sling King” Monster of Illegal Engine was witnessed sobbing tears of rage into his keyboard, mumbling incoherently about a lack of vegetarian options in the ULA cafeteria.

Pocket’s Evhul played dominant defense, several times denying Engine scoring opportunities on the goal line, and frequently converting saves into goals on the other side. Game 2 was closer as Illegal Engine shifted to a more conservative attack, but Pocket ultimately prevailed 3-1.

Illegal Engine’s TRC could not be reached for comment as he walked barefoot towards Colorado’s highest peak on a four day journey of silent reflection.

Illegal Engine will battle OPA Belters for local bragging rights in Week 3.

Is That a Rocket in Your Pocket? > Illegal Engine


Hobo Annihilators - Bye Week

Contract negotiations continued with Annihilator’s star forward Alphashock in week 2. Requesting $4.5Million and a no-trade clause for 3 years, the case will likely move to arbitration. It is unclear who will play in their Week 3 matchup against 20k Rockets.


Here’s a look at the current standings after Week 2:

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