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LANFest CO 2023 Recap

Castle Rock, CO

OHM Gaming shined brightly at LANFest Colorado 2023. For the second year in a row, the team brought home hardware (or in this case, soft mouse pads) in multiple events. Benefiting the Boys and Girls Club of Denver, the charity LAN ran from September 29th to October 1st in Castle Rock, CO, featuring tournaments, gaming/PC related activities, and over $5500 worth of raffle prizes. OHM Gaming was represented by 27 of our best and brightest, including a preview of the next generation resistance members.

A (Rocket) League of their own

Singular and DrunkZombie returned Friday night to represent OHM Gaming in the Rocket League 3v3 tournament. They were joined by Walrus, who replaced odin from the 2022 championship winning team. The trio breezed through the preliminary swiss bracket without dropping a single map, earning the #1 seed in the playoff bracket. There, they were joined by The Backpack, LikeableGuy, and AliasedRose, who earned the #5 seed after finishing with a 2-2 record in the preliminary rounds. Likeableguy and co. would end up losing in the first round of the knockout stages, but Singular, DrunkZombie, and Walrus continued their domination through the finals, winning 3-0 on-stage in Castle Rock.

Infinite win streak

In its inaugural offering, OHM Gaming earned gold in the Halo Infinite 2v2 Team Deathmatch tournament. Grummor and onyr, trading their AK-47s from Counter-Strike for Battle Rifles, finished with a record of 5-0, facing Team CoaH in the finals in a classic PC vs. Console showdown.

The Backpack and Singular finished with a winning record of 3-2, while JackintheBox and Dunney finished a respectable 2-2.

Strike that plan

Ivorin and J0hns0n returned to defend their 2022 CS:GO title. That would prove impossible, however, as CS:GO was deleted on the Wednesday before the tournament, and replaced with Counter-Strike 2.

Undeterred, the duo were joined by shrhrw, Grummor, and onyr to form a dreamteam of former Dreamhack and LANFest teammates. The team would finish with a perfect record, winning both quarter and semi-final games, and completing a 2-0 sweep in the finals against team Costco Hotdog to win LANFest’s first ever Counter-Strike 2 tournament.

Legends No More

TRC, Ebinkar, and wtfdiduthink looked to defend their 2022 Apex Legends title, with Dunney and DireHydra adding Archin3D (who replaced ChaoticMikeX) for their own attempt at the crown. Both OHM entrants would ultimately be disappointed, however, as Team Grumpy Old Buttz dominated the tournament, winning five of the six rounds, with TRC and co. standing in the way of a full sweep with a dominant Game 2 win. Ultimately, Dunney, DireHydra, and Archin3D proved the most consistent of the four OHM Gaming entrants, placing second overall with 74 points. TRC, Ebinkar, and wtfdiduthink rounded out the podium with a 3rd place 53 point finish, followed by CS2 champions Ivorin, Grummor, and onyr in 4th with 43 points. LikeableGuy, TheBackpack, and Singular also represented well, earning 27 points and an 8th place finish.

Final Standings:

Teammates no longer

OHM Gaming nearly swept the individual tournament as well. Jellyman, in his LANFest debut, finished with the highest weekend score in Beat Saber, followed by Singular in 2nd. Wandanaut earned her second appearance in the Tetris Effect: Connected tournament, where she fell in straight games to a familiar foe in Megaladon, the 2022 Champion.

In Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate, Singular earned his second gold for the weekend, defeating DireHydra in the finals. Shockz navigated his way through the loser’s bracket for a third place finish to round out an OHM Gaming sweep on the Smash Brother’s podium.


The Next Generation

Finally, in an impromptu Overwatch 3v3 tournament, Icecreampiggy and Son of Piggy made their debuts in OHM Gaming jerseys to be the youngest OHM Gaming tournament participants in history. While they would fall in the tournament’s first round, they proved the future is bright for the resistance.


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