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OGRLLfFC Recaps - Week 1

Week 1 Recap


Illegal Engine (1-0) vs. 20,000 Rockets Under the League (0-1)

The inaugural match of the OGRLLfFC was a nail biter; A match with all the intensity and tension of a late playoff round. Colorado’s Illegal Engine emerged with a 2 games to 1 victory of New Jersey’s 20k Rockets Under the League in a match where every game was decided by a single goal.

The clock joined Illegal Engine in Game 1 when it ticked down to zero moments before the ball could trickle into their empty net and force sudden death overtime. 20k Rockets bounced back immediately with a 4-3 Game 2 victory. Game 3 looked to be a blowout in favor of Illegal Engine when they jumped ahead to an early 4-1 lead. 20k Rockets clawed back into it but could only muster a second and third goal before the final horn.

Illegal Engine > 20,000 Rockets Under the League


Is That a Rocket in your Pocket (1-0) vs. Team Messibishi (0-1)

South Carlolina’s Is That a Rocket in your Pocket defeated New York’s Team Messibishi in straight sets Monday night for their first win of the season. Pocket had to overcome to two early one goal deficits in each game but proved to be up to the task, marching to consecutive 4-2 and 4-1 victories.

Pocket’s Evhul recorded [p]at tricks in both games and contributed several key saves. DrHoppimbiber saw double with her two goals, as did newcomer Ronaldo Royce for Messibishi. Signal contributed the lone goal for Messibishi in Game 2.

Is That a Rocket in your Pocket > Team Messibishi


Team Red Panda (1-0) vs. Hobo Annihilators (0-1)

Team Red Panda came into Monday’s match as the self-proclaimed favorites to win the OGRLLfFC.

“It shouldn’t be long before our inevitable victory is apparent”, boasted Red Panda’s Ebinkar. Red Panda’s Bajamba expressed his agreement by eating a burrito somewhere in the background. “We’re really looking forward to [playing Illegal Engine] in round 7, but everything should be settled by then anyway”.

Perhaps feeling a bit pressured to live up to the hype, or perhaps compensating for something else, OHM Gaming’s California bad boys delivered a 9-1 shellacking to Maryland’s Hobo Annihilators in Game 1. Annihilators were forced to play without star forward Alphashock, instead calling up ddoubledub from their minor league affiliate “Homeless Humidifiers” to drive alongside FiraOmega. True to his name, ddoubledub contributed both Hobo goals in the match, striking once in Game 1, and once in their 4-1 Game 2 defeat.

Team Red Panda > Hobo Annihilators


OPA Belters - Bye Week

Newcomer’s ieatcow and jackinthebox used Week 1 to recover from pre-season injuries. They will play New York’s Team Messibishi in Week 2.


All teams were awarded setless wins over the unfilled Placeholder 1 team. Here’s a look at the current standings after Week 1:

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